Healing internalized misogyny and rising through self-love one story at a time

“Shame dies when stories are told in safe spaces.”

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A Little About Us

We advocate inclusive and mindful feminism by creating a safe space for your stories

Zen Feminism is a platform that advocates healing internalized misogyny and rising through self-love by echoing stories from women, girls, trans women and non-binary people from different walks of life.

Feminism is about challenging outdated norms, gender roles, stereotypes and championing equality. It is also about vulnerability, taking a step back to recharge or pivot, a balance of prioritizing oneself and putting others first, of holding on and letting go, of striving and simply being.

It is about aspiring to achieve greater heights in our chosen paths which is not limited to having a career, a business, raising humans or animals, growing in a relationship with another or with our own selves. It is allowing others to be their own person, not putting them in a box or down because their choices or beliefs are different than ours. It is supporting and elevating our fellow SHEros by providing them the space to be and thrive in their own journey.

Feminism has different faces and stories. Zen Feminism is a platform for these faces and stories to be shared because they all matter, and they are all worthy to be seen and heard.

“We rise by creating safe spaces, and supporting each other.”

Our Team

Founder, Zen Feminism

Furmom to 2 rescue dogs
and 2 little humans

A small-town girl from the Philippines, who moved to Malaysia and left a promising career for love.

Blissfully married to an amazing human who does not share the same culture nor religion she was raised into.

Self-Published Author
Creative Entrepreneur

Anecdotes And Wisdom

Inspiring Stories of Everyday Feminism

A story about real tribes and a generation of tribe leaders

Feminism to me is acknowledging that these women right here run their village because they want to and they can and that the village lives in peace, harmony and safety because these women are the embodiment of the feminine energy of the universe. They’d turn the jungle upside down if someone got lost, but they are also the ones to carry on their backs their babies even when they’re 5 or 6 years old because, as one of the mamas said in the most loving voice: “That’s how we are. We love and show love to our children”. 

Educator, Romania 

Are you ready to embrace your power and your most authentic self?

Through Me Journal

Our mission is to help women embrace their power and most authentic self by sharing their stories, and through the creation of self-love and mindfulness tools. Through Me – A Self-love and Mindfulness Journal is the first, and one of the many tools that we will be offering to help you in your transformation. 

Fuelled by your intentions, reflection and wisdom, this journal helps ignite awareness, compassion and inner peace within you. It inspires you to consciously see and acknowledge the abundance that is already present in your life, as well as provide a safe space for you to express your most authentic self. 

Elevate your awareness, elevate your vibration, elevate your life. 

MYR 69 + Shipping

(a portion of the proceeds will support survivors of domestic violence)

Through Me Journal

Journal Anatomy


Consciously set the tone on how you intend each day to unfold through (Gratitude, Aspiration, Self-love practices, Mindful acts of kindness)


Intentionally find magic and lessons in everyday life, reflecting on how you feel, and ending the day with lofty questions to expand your heart and vision.

Week in Retrospect

Ruminate the best moments of the week, and challenge yourself with introspective questions that evoke self-awareness, wisdom and courage

Creative Space

A space to write, create, or draw anything. Letting your ideas flow and run wild and free.

Inspiring daily quotes

Intentionally find magic and lessons in everyday life, reflecting on how you feel, and ending the day with lofty questions to expand your heart and vision.

Life-expanding questions

Questions that evoke self-awareness, wisdom and courage

powerful affirmations

Activate new and healthy beliefs to help you create the reality you aspire through powerful affirmations.

Healing spaces

Unearth  your deepest thoughts and emotions with weekly journaling challenges.

limitless possibilities

A blank canvas for you to write your dreams, goals, aspirations, and anything that sparks life in you.

Through Me Journal

Experience the magic of
through me Journal

Start awakening magic, healing and limitless possibilities within you.

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