Through Me Journal

Connect with your higher self and raise your vibration through journaling

Fuelled by your intentions, reflection and wisdom, Through Me Journal ignites awareness, compassion and inner peace within you. It inspires you to consciously see and acknowledge the abundance that is already present in your life, as well as provide a safe space for you to express your most authentic self.

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Journal Anatomy


Consciously set the tone on how you intend each day to unfold through gratitude, aspiration, self-love practices and mindful acts of kindness.


Intentionally find magic and lessons in everyday life, reflecting on how you feel, and ending the day with lofty questions to expand your heart and vision.

Week in Retrospect

Ruminate the best moments of the week, and challenge yourself with introspective questions that evoke self-awareness, wisdom and courage.

Flow Space

Create, write or draw anything. Let your ideas flow, run wild and free.

Inspiring daily quotes

Get inspired and energised with thoughtfully curated wisdom that greets you as you start your day.

Life-expanding questions

Evoke awareness, wisdom, courage and limitless possibilities with lofty questions.

Powerful affirmations

Activate new and healthy beliefs to help you create the reality you aspire through powerful affirmations.

Healing spaces

Unearth  your deepest thoughts and emotions with weekly journaling challenges.

Limitless possibilities

Paint this blank canvas with your dreams, goals, aspirations, and anything that sparks life in you.

More Than A Journal

#ThroughMe is an everyday journey of discovery, acceptance, and celebration of your authentic self. Start awakening magic and limitless possibilities within you.

Through Me Journal

Through Me Journal

What happens when you make journaling a habit?

  • You raise your vibrational energy.
  • You become more self-aware & intentional.
  • You create new empowering beliefs.
  • You feel more grateful, inspired and abundant.
  • You start feeling more grounded, balanced & at peace.
  • You start noticing life’s magic.
  • You become wiser.
  • You start to heal.

The answers you are seeking are within you. Let Through Me Journal be your companion in this awakening journey. 

Elevate your awareness, elevate your vibration, elevate your life. 

MYR 69 + Shipping

Through Me Journal


I been writing on the journal for 5 days now and I just want to let you know that this is a great masterpiece! Personally I love journaling. I used to write on exercise books as my gratitude journal. It was great but with Through Me Journal, it really helped me process my thoughts. The everyday intentions and reflections helps me boost my self esteem. The journal really enforces the positive truths about myself.
I'm so proud to have this Journal with me and I'm so proud of you Kriska dear!
- Bea Lee
Journaling my life is something new to me and I can't stress enough how this can be a life-changing experience. I've been self-reflecting more since the day I started journaling with Through Me, and I am learning how to navigate my emotions in different situations, identifying where my emotions are coming from, and separate them from other people's emotions. It has been really helpful for my mental health & peace of mind. Once again Thank you for this amazing journal.
- Samantha C.
I have been journaling for past 5 months and guess what - I am hooked to this journal. This book helped me manifest my short-term and long-term goals. It’s like telling the universe what I want and working for it. The journal helps me to overcome a lot of unwanted emotions and makes me think of creative solutions for each problem instead of dwelling in it. Thanks for creating such a beautiful journal. Loving it! ♥️
- Nithyaah

I received this journal in February 2021 and have been journaling ever since. For someone who does not even write her grocery list, this is a huge progress. Writing in the journal has cleared by mind that was filled with sadness from the passing of my mother & the fact that my business was on hold. Through Me Journal has helped me in setting my intentions right, and reflecting every night. It has taught me self-love on another level.
- Fareen
Thank you so much for this wonderful creation of yours - a self-love and mindfulness journal!
I must say, it saves me a lot of time. I usually journal with my organiser and at times I can't keep track of my reflections. This journal is very helpful specially with the weekly reflection page that is very effective. It does many wonders in my daily life.
- Salinee
This book is definitely a connector to my soul and I love the contents. Every time I journal, I bring positivity and my vision to life.
The feeling of writing in this journal is like getting to know myself more, while I grow in my mind. Thank you for introducing Through Me Journal. I feel amazing writing my thoughts in this journal.
- Kavitha
When I saw that Kriska has published a journal, I knew it - I need to get it. I was following her story & transformation & I felt that I really want to have a piece of that with me. It's clear that Through Me Journal was created from the pace of love and care for the world and each human being. Journal prompts are through provoking, inspiring, creating a perfect ritual to start & end the day. I loved the concept so much that I gifted it also to my sister and a friend so that Through Me Journal magic spreads in Europe too.
- Greta
I have come a long way in my mental health journey. I started off with an excellent journal. For me, the therapies with my psychologist, reading & now journaling, are helping me to get back on track. I have started practising mindfulness & have more positive outlook on life. The past 100 days, Through Me Journal has taught me to set my intentions every morning & reflect on them every night. The quotes, life-expanding questions each day & weekly reflection have been a great help in my healing & self-love journey. I believe I’m attracting more good things in life and I’m truly grateful for the person I am today. - Darshini
A journal for your soul. I am far from consistent with gratitude journaling but it's nice to have a beautiful book with insightful prompts to help along the way. One of my favourite parts of the book is reflecting on the magic of today. We often get caught up in day to day life and this journal allows me to take a moment, pause and reflect on everything. This is one of the best gifts that I have given myself and coming back to it during heavy days or just random days when I need to check in with myself is such a blessing. Mindfulness and gratitude is a habit I wish we had at school and this book would have been the perfect tool for it. This makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves to write or who needs a tool for their own self love journal..
- Prav
“A believer of the phrase “things would fall into place the way it’s meant to”, I’m just beyond grateful to get my hands on this beautiful mindfulness journal by Kriska on a new moon right after the year begins. I love every bit of the journal, the inspiration and the woman behind it. Thank you so much Kriska for what you’re giving to this world through your creation and effort.”
- Sheela
I have known Kriska for years and I see herself and her passion in every single page of Through Me Journal.

Every time I write, I feel more grounded somehow. It's weird and magical what a gratitude journal
can do!
It’s just been so blissful ever since I started journaling. There is just so much of peace and joy that I feel in me ever since 1st of January, 2022. I am aware of my feelings and when I journal my reflection of the day, it just gives me so much of insight of how I am as a person. I see my ups and downs. Truly enjoy this process. I also love 'Weekly Reflections' on the week, and 'Flow Into This Space' has been so uplifting. I am just enjoying
this journey.

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