Birthing The Mother Within – Ebook


Lessons and reflections about healing, self-love, and surrender from a conscious pregnancy journey.

More than a compilation of eye-opening anecdotes, Birthing The Mother Within takes you on a self-discovery immersion with its deep dive reflection prompts, and help raise your vibration with beautifully curated affirmations.

Lessons & reflections about healing, self-love & surrender from a conscious pregnancy journey.

Spark clarity, surrender & compassion in your trying-to-conceive (TTC) journey Birthing The Mother Within courageously shares about details in TTC journeys that are rarely spoken about as they can be loaded with shame, guilt & fear, such as:

  • The dilemma of wanting to have a child or be child-free, & the judgment that comes w/ either
  • Unconscious & unresolved fears, biases & trauma stemming from childhood & outdated societal conditioning
  • Infertility, financial losses, & diminished self-worth
  • The gnawing expectation to bear children regardless if one is unprepared financially & psychologically as a bare minimum
  • How ‘hustle culture’ and the inability to slow down can have adverse effects in one’s mental, emotional & physical well-being

What many don’t know is that the journey to conceive is an emotional rollercoaster that can make one feel alone, drained & unsupported. Contrary to what is commonly seen on social media such as celebrations, baby showers, pregnancy and birth announcements, there are many who suffer silently. This gives a false sense that arriving at a pregnancy is easy for everyone.

What if you can rewrite the narrative and make this journey a rewarding & transformational one regardless of the outcome? One that will make you a more healed, compassionate & aware human being? This book will help you navigate this journey with a more holistic perspective through real-life experiences, lessons, journaling prompts & affirmations.

If you are:

  •  going through your TTC trying-to-conceive journey
  •  about to start your TTC journey
  • at a crossroad about wanting a child or a child-free life
  • on a self-discovery journey
  • needing some inspiration or guidance on how to navigate infertility and the conversations around it
  • curious to read & know more about a conscious pregnancy journey,

this book is especially written for you.

Paperback is available locally in MY for MYR 49, and on 

Shopee SG & PH (ships from Malaysia)

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#Ebook is available worldwide for MYR 25 / USD 7 


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