Surviving And Thriving Through Loss, Grief And Pain

I was born as an only child, the instant ‘apple of the eye’ of an amazing couple who worked very hard to provide their kid the best in life.

But, the world wasn’t that loving to me.

At 9, I was sexually assaulted by a stranger – that forced me to become an introvert.

At 19, I lost my Dad to an accident – that deprived me of higher education.

At 27, I lost my Husband to cancer – that made me lose hope in my future.

Throughout this challenging journey, my pillar of strength who pushed me with love was my Mom. Through her love and guidance, I became a successful career woman who earned her degree on her own and built a good life.

At 43, I lost her suddenly to a heart attack and she died in my arms. That day my life slipped from my hands. I was lost. I succumbed to depression. I wanted to make this life end.

Through continuous prayers and reminders of how hard my parents worked to raise me, I made up my mind to live my life to make my parents proud. After 1.5 years of struggling emotionally, today I am motivated to be a blessing to others by being an example that it is never too late to start new.

I am now 45 and still keen to explore the world and waiting for #Covid19 to disappear. But that is not going to stop me from preparing myself physically for the new adventure I shall embark on. I am physically training myself, under the guidance of a personal trainer to be fit and healthy to prepare myself for the adventures that await me. I am building a new home that matches my personality and a place of comfort for my 4 furbabies. I am determined to be an example for many, that nothing can stop one from living a beautiful life that God has blessed us with.

Every challenge is given to us to make us a better person. God will not allow anything that we cannot handle. It is the same water that makes a potato, soft and egg, hard. It is the same world that makes a person a success or a failure. It is all within us to choose which we want to be. We only have 1 life so let’s do the best we can with this gift. We have nothing to lose.

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